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Restoring Joy and Balance

Updated: Nov 12, 2020

Are you a do gooder feeling stressed and overwhelmed? Today is your day! I'm so excited to share the tools, strategies, and skills that I have gained over the years with you.

A few years ago, I realized that I was miserably working all the time. On my phone constantly, running around putting out fires all day, bemoaning my never-ending to do list, feeling like I was constantly cleaning up other people's messes, waking up exhausted, multitasking constantly, never finding a solid block of time to do the work projects demanding my attention, and feeling endlessly guilty for not being more available to my kids and family. I made a number of changes (that I'll teach you) that helped immensely and gradually created a life that felt sustainable.

Then covid hit and everything was off kilter again. With all the new stress, anxiety, uncertainty, and grief, my bad habits returned full force. Some days I was frantic. Other days I could barely think or get anything done. I made a conscious effort to change. I learned new skills, tried new tools, read lots of books, and took classes. I'm nowhere near perfect, but wow, what a difference that investment has made. You CAN rekindle your passion, AND work normal hours, AND find time for family and the other things that matter in life, AND cultivate joy, AND restore balance, AND STILL give your best self towards making the world a better place.

This course brings together all I've figured out between my fumbling trial and error and my intentional learning. I can't wait to give these tools to you. Are you ready?

The handout is here for you to download.

Restoring Balance Workshop Handouts
Download PDF • 1.41MB

PLUS I'm offering a 4-week course to go way deeper into the content and support you as you put these new skills into action. (Keep reading for details!)

Going Further

For many of you, this should be enough to get you well on your way. If you want to read more, I highly recommend Schwartz & McCarthy (2007).

If you are drawn to mind-body medicine and are looking for deep, meaningful connection with a small group of 8-12 peers, I plan to co-facilitate a FREE Center for Mind-Body Medicine (CMBM) Intensive starting in December or January. CMBM is the world’s largest, evidence-based program for healing population-wide psychological trauma and stress. Between the pandemic, wildfires, and politics, we’re all experiencing collective trauma and stress right now. Bringing together a variety of techniques drawn from the world’s healing traditions as well as modern medicine, you will learn a new skill each week (meditation, movement, drawing, writing, guided imagery, biofeedback, etc.) and have the opportunity to build a close, meaningful community with like-minded peers. The CMBM Intensive will meet for two hours per week for eight weeks, day and time yet to be determined. Send me an email and I will add you to the list!

If you want additional support managing your energy, consider joining the Restoring Joy and Balance Class to go in depth on all of today’s workshop topics and more:

  • Learn about the neuroscience and psychology of joy. Go deeper into understanding the science behind your stress response and behind cultivating joy and balance.

  • Dive deep into managing your energy. Explore your low fuel indicators. Learn rituals that will help you grow your fuel reserves in each area of the energy audit.

  • Rebuild your to do list from the ground up. Learn how to incorporate meaningful long-term goals into your to do list, set clear intentions, bunch the little stuff, and create a someday-maybe parking lot.

  • Do, Delegate, Ditch, Date or re-Define one pivotal energy drain. Create an action plan and make a change with the support of Irene and an accountability partner.

  • Develop a personal menu of energy enhancers & brain breaks that work for you to recenter your mind. Practice shifting from busy to balanced. Build opportunities to refuel into your day.

  • Multi-tasking, self-imposed distraction, and bouncing between tasks bring huge inefficiencies. Sample some mindfulness and mind-body medicine techniques that will help you stay present and focused.

There are three ways to take the class:

  1. Join Irene each week for an intimate, small group, hands-on Zoom experience. There are only 16 spots available so that you receive the care and attention you deserve. You'll be paired with an accountability partner from the group to check in with you throughout the week. We'll create a group text thread to stay connected and help each other along the journey. PLUS, you get Irene on call by email and text for in the moment support between classes. Class meets Mondays 4:30 - 5:30 PM PST from November 23 to December 14. Expect about an hour of “homework” outside of class each week. ($200)

  2. Can’t make Mondays? No problem! A recording of the class will be sent to you each week along with all worksheets and activities. Irene will gladly answer your questions by email. ($100)

  3. Long-term coaching clients join the class for FREE. Not only do you get priority enrollment in this class and any others she may offer, but you get one-on-one support for four months as you seek a complete transformation, not just around energy management, but reaching your long term goals, living into your values, and rising into your best self. Choose one of these packages or let’s co-create something just right for you.

    • Monthly Package (four months for $800 includes at a minimum — one 90 minute Discovery Session, once a month 60 minute sessions, once a month 30 minute “help” calls, email and text support) or

    • Bi-weekly Package (four months for $1,600 includes at a minimum — one 90 minute Discovery Session, twice a month 60 minute sessions, twice a month 30 minute “help” calls, email and text support)

Sign up TODAY on Eventbrite!

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