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These days, leadership can be tough. I’m here to make it easier...and ultimately fulfilling and fun. After twenty years of leading, teaching, mentoring, and geeking out on the science, I have assembled a research-backed set of tools and strategies that help leaders truly thrive at work and at home.

Irene Salter

You’ve found the right support if you’re a curious adventurer that is... 


…people driven. You’re not one of those  traditional, top-down leaders driven by ego or money. You lead from behind, often working so hard to care for others, that you forget to care for yourself.


…passionate. You love what you do. It can feel creative, energizing, and meaningful, as if THIS was what you were meant to be doing, but somehow, sometimes (maybe even often), it’s overwhelming, exhausting, and out of balance. Your spark has dimmed.

…purposeful. You seek an authentic, confident voice that can inspire others to join your cause and change the world for the better. As brave and bold as you can be at times, you are also a messy, squishy human that sometimes gets in your own way.

Who I Work With

My clients include visionaries from Verizon, Disney, Chicago Public Schools, Facebook, Boston Medical Center, DoorDash, California Department of Public Health, University of Texas, and The Women's Fund. I especially love working with leaders in education, nonprofits, and government.