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Apply for a powerful conversation. No sales pitch. Instead, engage your inquiring mind to seek the aha moments, supports, and resources you truly need.

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About the PROCESS

In order to know if working with me is worth the investment, you need to experience it first.


Apply for a powerful conversation. If I have space in my practice and am intrigued by your application, then...


You'll be invited a powerful conversation to seek an aha moment. Perhaps that alone is enough. Or perhaps I can match you with other supports or resources that are a better fit. But if there's magic...


You'll be given an inquiry challenge and invited to a second conversation. There, you'll taste the transformation that's possible and design goals for your future. If it's still a "Hell YES" for both of us...


Then let's co-create the perfect combination of supports for you. My practice is small and boutique so that I can offer each client the white glove experience you deserve. Let the adventure begin...

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