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Thought Partnership

Individual  |  Private  |  Customized

Irene Salter leadership coach

I hold space for a handful of one-on-one thought partnerships - and generally only for clients who have completed one of my other programs. This isn't hourly support. This is a private safe haven where you can finally thrive as a leader with me as a guide by your side the whole way. This is typically the only way to access whole team coaching or training. 

Earth and Space

What It's Like

Please complete the contact form and select "Thought Partnership." Take your time with your answers. 

If you are accepted as a thought partner, you'll embark on an adventure of personal and professional growth with me as a Jedi master by your side. In the safety of the temple we build together, you'll receive a leadership 360 assessment unlike you've ever experienced. You'll be seen and valued for who you truly are - the light and the dark. We will surround you with allies as you confront the hyper-achiever, perfectionist, imposter syndrome, people pleaser, overwhelm, and not-good-enough monsters that stand in your way. 

In the end, you'll rise into leadership as never before so that you and your team may build shining communities and achieve seemingly impossible things. You'll craft a lightsaber and pack your starship with all the skills and strategies you need. Then, journey forward as a Jedi in your own right, knowing that the Force will be with you, always. 

Star Cluster

What People Say

“Before I began working with Irene different aspects of my professional and personal life felt chaotic. Several months later after working with Irene, I feel that I have a better grasp on being able develop goals, have fierce conversations personally and professionally, and have the confidence to put myself first, make decisions, and truly restore my joy. Working with Irene was an investment in myself. If you are willing to put yourself, your goals, and your challenges first, then working with Irene is an absolute no-brainer. ”


~Laurinda, Museum Chief Operating Officer

“Irene, thank you for the amazing gift of freedom you’ve just given me. Now that I have a better understanding of what has been influencing my motivation all these years, I’m finding many examples from my past of how these self-limiting patterns played out and kept me from following my desires. This clarity is helping me in all aspects of my life.”

~ Timathea Workman, Curator of Travel Experiences

“If there ever was an Olivia Pope or Oprah of the education world it is Irene Salter. When I began my journey with her, I was unsure of what it was I wanted to accomplish or even how to accomplish it. When I interviewed for jobs I had my X-factor but it didn’t come with my Wow-factor. Irene helped me realize that I had it all along (a la Glinda in the Wizard of Oz), and helped me not only enhance my Wow but also enhance my Why. She is truly an educational guru and leadership cultivator with exercises and experiences that will not only help you land that job but also help create your X- and Wow-factor together.”

~ Seth Federman, Vice Principal

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