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Why does travel make us come alive?

What is the science behind our wanderlust?

How can we make every day feel as alive as travel days?

- Tim Cahill, Founding Editor of Outside Magazine

"The book Irene is writing is the book I've been waiting for."

Please note, this book cover is a mockup

I’m a travel-holic. Like oh so many of us, I come alive while traveling. Case in point: two years ago, I whisked my husband, Jason, along with our kids and careers, across five continents, and through a global pandemic on an adventure we named the Salter Gap Year. 


But…I am also a PhD neuroscientist. 


Despite the fact that I hung up my lab coat ages ago, I wanted to understand my own wanderlust scientifically. Somebody must have written a book about the science of travel, right? I went to the library. Nothing. I tried the bookstore. Nada. I searched Google. Big black hole (naturally). 


So…I wrote it.


The surprising thing I figured out in writing this book, in taking this Gap Year, is that I learned to thrive not just on vacation days, but every day. Let me teach you how.

The Science Behind Our Wanderlust

Have Brain, Will Travel:

Meet Irene

Irene has an unparalleled mind with a PhD in Neuroscience, Masters in Psychology, and 20+ years of leadership experience, but it’s her heart and soul that people fall in love with. She is inspired by masters in the art of weaving story and science such as Robin Wall Kimmerer (Braiding Sweetgrass), Oliver Sacks (Awakenings), and Hope Jahren (Lab Girl). 

Beyond writing and reading, Irene is a leadership coach who helps leaders thrive, not just survive. Have Brain, Will Travel is her first mass market book. She lives in rural Northern California with her husband, two kids, ten ducks, and one albino king snake.

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