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Hanging my Shingle

Today's the day! After lots of soul searching, planning, dreaming and hard work, I’m launching my coaching/consulting business to help do-gooders do better. The big question is WHY?

Because I love building community and building relationships.

Because my favorite part of every job I've ever held is creating ah-ha moments for others.

Because I relish difficult conversations. It's how we grow as humans.

Because I'm good at solving problems. Really good.

Because I crave adventure.

Because I whole-heartedly believe in other people's potential.

Because I love seeing people's light shine.

Because I have extensive professional and life experiences that demand sharing.

Because I get to delve into learning new ideas and new skills.

And most importantly, because I love making a difference.

My goal is to offer 100 FREE coaching/consulting conversations by my birthday in October. I'll be completely honest: I need the experience so that I can hone my skills and find my niche. At the same time, you get the best of me... my complete, rapt attention, for 1 hour, to help you in whatever way you need. So... how can I serve you? Go to and schedule a time.

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