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About Irene

She’s a smart, sassy scientist with a master’s in Psychology and a PhD in Neuroscience who studied the neural circuits underlying learning and motivation. She has published numerous peer-reviewed articles in premier academic journals, won over $2.25 million in grants, and currently serves on the UCSF Graduate Division Advisory Board.


She’s an award-winning educator. For over 20 years she taught science to students ranging from elementary to university, winning two teaching awards and delivering many hundreds of hours of content on stage and on the page. 


She’s an accomplished writer. You can read her monthly column at Shasta Scout, her magazine articles at Hidden Compass and Enjoy Magazine, her books, or her blog.


She’s an avid adventurer. If she’s not sipping a cup of tea at her ranch in far Northern California, then look for her in some exotic destination, playing Dungeons and Dragons, hiking up a mountain, or paddle boarding through a sea cave.


AND, she’s a dynamic leadership coach who works with executives driven by passion, purpose, and people. Learn more about her coaching at Inquiring Minds