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Welcome to the

Leaders' Lighthouse

Some leadership skills aren’t taught, they’re learned in the trenches. Things like how to manage an overwhelming workload, create healthy balance, build stress resilience, manage emotions, and resolve conflict. Figuring out these survival skills on your own is exhausting and frustrating. But you don't have to.


Instead of stumbling your way through, the Leaders’ Lighthouse is an online course freely available on YouTube that will equip you and your team with a curated set of research-backed, best-practice leadership skills you need right now.

Check out the Leaders' Lighthouse Playlist

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  • Self management - Managing your stress, energy, todo list, and calendar to avoid overwhelm and burnout.

  •  Changing patterns - Streamlining your workflow, delegating, and setting boundaries to do more of what you’re meant to do and less of everything else.

  •  Seeing yourself and others - Reconnect with your purpose and values to really see your worth and value. Then pause to appreciate the worth and value of others on your team, and witness the impact that makes to trust, safety and belonging.

  •  Getting out of your way - Learn how to quiet your inner monsters, get unstuck, and navigate uncertainty and risk.

  •  Leadership embodied - Tapping into the mind-body connection to overcome fear of failure and resentment, grow your emotional intelligence, find your voice, and build self-confidence.

  •  Mastering the hard stuff - difficult conversations, big challenges, and moving your dreams forward.

In some of the videos you'l hear me reference these supplemental materials. They'll always live here, free of charge, for you to come back and reference and use whenever you want. 


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