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The art of asking questions and investigating deeply to reach that aha moment

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What I do

Do-gooders are passionate about shining their light and making the world a better place, but many are facing tough challenges. Imposter syndrome. Inner critics. Team challenges. Endless to-dos. Perfectionism in an imperfect world. It can be overwhelming.

My superpower is seeing the inner light in you and in your team, and coaxing it to shine brighter. I coach for aha moments. I help exceptional leaders find synergy between work, life, and purpose. I build resilience and community. I spread science with a touch of magic.


My clients are visionaries from Verizon, Chicago Public Schools, Facebook, Boston Medical Center, University of Texas, The Women's Fund, and many more. I’ll bring my PhD in neuroscience, MA in psychology and 20+ years of experience as a leader in education and nonprofits. You'll bring the power, vision, passion, and action. Together, we'll make magic. 

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How I do it

My calling is to encourage the light in others to shine brighter so that together we can do good in this world. Any adventure with me, whether one-on-one or with a team, is like embarking on a journey through the wilderness. All my services are designed to equip rising leaders with these four essential leadership traits:


(your compass)

What is your calling? What values guide you? Who are you at your best? What will your legacy be? How will you achieve it? I'll facilitate a process designed to bring crystal clarity to these essential pieces of your vision, and then walk beside you as you develop the strategy, set goals, and take action to bring your vision into reality.


(your roadmap)

Our mind is a messy place. Despite our best efforts, we often get in our own way. Which of these inner monsters live in the recesses of your mind: not-good-enough, fear of failure, ego, pleaser, perfectionist, overwhelmed, or something else? With support, step into your inner hero/ine and tame the monsters. Create the mindset needed to rise into your best self and inspire your team.


(your backpack)

It's a wilderness out there. As your personal guide, every resource and insight I have gained over the past 20+ years in the education and nonprofit sectors are accessible to you. I'll fill your backpack with best practices, research, resilience skills, habit-busters, and leadership hacks. When you're prepared, the wilderness is no longer scary; it becomes an adventure.


(your energy)

Busy leaders have overwhelming todo lists.  Sometimes, you’re too depleted at the end of the day to think straight, let alone enjoy the things you love. It doesn't have to be that way. You can create the capacity necessary to do your work with integrity and build your dreams and make space for the things you love. "Self-care is giving the world the best of you, not what's left of you." (Katie Reed)

Hate email? Me too. But this isn't typical email. Insights and ahas for inquiring minds. Not too often. No spam.

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