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Who I work with

My clients ARE

  • Rising leaders, often with a hyper-achiever or perfectionist streak

  • Do gooders who passionately serve others, sometimes to the detriment of their own self-care

  • Visionaries seeking an authentic, confident voice that can inspire others to their cause

  • Brave adventurers who are willing to risk the wilderness if it brings them closer to their goal

  • Humans who sometimes get in their own way

  • Whole-hearted souls who work hard and play hard, but sometimes get out of balance

  • Often seeking a career reinvention or an upward boost

  • Ready to invest in themselves

My clients are NOT

  • Looking for someone to solve their problems for them

  • Hopeless about their situation

  • So burnt out that they can't access their inquiring mind

  • Traditional, top-down leaders; they are servant leaders who lead from behind

  • Paralyzed by a fear of failure (you must be willing to see mistakes as opportunities to learn)

  • Opposed to the inquiry process (you must be willing to experiment, stay curious, and make sense of data even if things don’t work out the first time, or the second time, or the twentieth time, and even if the answer isn't what you expected)


What I do


Do you ever feel like you are holding the world on your shoulders? Do you ever dream of making a bigger impact but the next step eludes you? As your dedicated guide on the side, I will help you identify your personal values, gifts, and purpose so that you may lead from a place of self-awareness, curiosity, and vision. Seek the aha moments that help you rise into your best self. Create a work-life synergy that allows you to thrive, not just survive.


My 20 year career has taken me from premier research labs to a middle school classroom, from the Exploratorium to university chair-woman, from a superintendent's desk to nonprofit boards. My specialty is building thriving, trusting communities that draw upon their collective wisdom to overcome any challenge. My favorite assignments include team building, collaborative visioning, navigating difficult conversations, and change management.


Looking for someone to design and deliver professional development for your team? I am currently offering interactive virtual workshops on stress resilience, work-life synergy, productivity, restorative practices, servant leadership, and scientific inquiry. Everything I do is grounded in science with just a touch of magic. From intimate workshops to packed auditoriums, from adventurous retreats to hands on  experiences, I will bring your team to a new depth of understanding. 

Image by frank mckenna


Training and facilitation are typically contracted by the project or day. Coaching takes time. A minimum of six months is generally necessary to achieve lasting change. My current menu of leadership coaching services include the following options and more.

Infinite Game

I take you under my wing and help you soar as the leader you were meant to be.

  • Begin and end with a private retreat in places like Peru, Hawaii, or Yosemite

  • Regular coaching sessions

  • Shift Positive 360 feedback

  • Team support

  • In situ coaching

  • Email, phone and text support

  • Quick check ins

1:1 Coaching

Every package is personalized to your needs, yet most people find that this is the right level of support.

  • Regular coaching sessions in a pattern that works for you

  • Shift Positive 360 feedback

  • Email, phone and text support

  • Quick check ins

  • End with a 2 hour deep dive celebration

Group Coaching

I love building thriving, trusting communities and selecting the perfect facilitation tool to draw out the collective wisdom of the group. Join an intimate mastermind group of 8 rising leaders.

  • Refine your purpose & values

  • Set inspired goals

  • Regular group sessions to help each other soar

  • Email, phone and text support


There's always magic brewing in Irene's world.

  • Book club -- last Thursday of each month from 4-5 pm Pacific Time

  • Retreats and intensives -- deep coaching in  adventurous places

  • Self-care group --  medicine for mind, body, and soul

  • Facilitation and training - as you wish

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