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Kara Tupy
K-8 Director

I was at a point in my career where I honestly didn't know if I was going to be able to keep on. I was more than burned out. I was disillusioned and felt trapped. When I met with Irene for the first time, I felt an instant connection with her generous, authentic way of being. She brings together three very powerful things. First, she has that special gift of being able to help you find answers to your own questions; recognizing the wisdom within each individual. She has a knack for curating resources that allow you to reach your goals, and go deeper, faster. And she's an incredible ally. All of this combined to open up an avenue for me to begin dreaming again.


Letty Mejia
Social Worker

After we met, I immediately put myself to work. Gaining more information about the process and talking to someone that has already gone through where I am, really put my mind at ease. When I felt my body get nervous, I remembered our conversation about belonging. I sat at the table and joined in as a peer. I felt brave to share my perspective on certain things and my experience around that table, validated that it is there where I am supposed to be. Thanks to you, I feel like I now have a planned placement and things are moving in the right direction. I appreciate you so much.


Eva Jimenez
Vice President

I have been serving as a woman business leader for several decades  Throughout the years there were times when I need some mentoring/coaching as I navigated through challenges and change. I knew after our first introductory session that Irene would serve as a perfect mentor at this point in my career. As I navigated through some major decisions in my professional career, Irene was able to coach me through a state of high anxiety to a state of peace and acceptance. She always made me feel heard and she supported me during a challenging time as I made a decision to find balance in my professional life.

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Amy Frydenlund
Director of Instruction

I was overwhelmed and stressed, having a hard time making decisions, even the simplest ones, like where to go for a walk. You create a space that is inviting and rich and I trust your skillful lead.
Working with (you) Irene has given me myself.  It's not that you or the class content has all of the answers, it's more that it opens the doors and window and gates to better find your own answers. You weave science, philosophy, ancient wisdom, with personal experience and practical application. Some self-help approaches or organizational systems can be overwhelming - like they are trying to make you different, to fit a different mold. This work with Irene, made it feel easier to find and be me - wonderful and powerful, flawed and unique, and complete. I am by no means an expert, a master, or done with this work, but I have a better roadmap and travel guide in Irene!



Laurinda Willard
Museum COO

Before I began working with Irene different aspects of my professional and personal life felt chaotic. I had a new career opportunity in front of me that I really wasn’t sure how to handle or where to start. I was afraid of speaking up and having tough conversations. I felt like I was lacking fulfillment and self-care. I was always putting other peoples needs before my own.

Several months later after working with Irene, I feel that I have a better grasp on being able develop goals, have fierce conversations personally and professionally, and have the confidence to put myself first, make decisions, and truly restore my joy.

Working with Irene was an investment in myself. If you are willing to put yourself, your goals, and your challenges first, then working with Irene is an absolute no-brainer.



Seth Federman
Assistant Principal

If there ever was an Olivia Pope or Oprah of the education world it is Irene Salter. When I began my journey with her, I was unsure of what it was I wanted to accomplish or even how to accomplish it. When I interviewed for jobs I had my X-factor but it didn’t come with my Wow-factor. Irene helped me realize that I had it all along (a la Glinda in the Wizard of Oz), and helped me not only enhance my Wow but also enhance my Why. She is truly an educational guru and leadership cultivator with exercises and experiences that will not only help you land that job but also help create your X- and Wow-factor together.

Stephen Yeh.jpeg

Stephen Yeh
Nonprofit Problem Solver

If anyone you know needs the best job coach alive, send them to Irene Salter.  She's stupendously perceptive, and able to see people's strengths and values that you cannot yourself see. She is not a mere job coach. She thinks and works on the largest scale - Work - Life Balance or Synergy as she calls it, she runs women's retreats, and "Living Room Conversations".  She has a book club. I even read her blog - the only person's blog I read. She's an intellectual and a beacon of light in life - one of the most astute, inspiring, empathic, supportive, able to connect to anyone, persons I've ever met - on the fingers of one hand. She’s phenomenal. She's able to serve me with impish smiling knowing love and total acceptance.  THAT's what makes her effective as a job coach.  The psychological side of meeting life challenges, and taking people on to a successful journey in all of life's goals, and transitions, and balancing everything


Crystal Padilla
Teacher Leader

I was struggling with working long hours yet feeling unaccomplished and still behind. Stressed and unhappy.


I had a mini session with you that changed my entire perspective and led me to have the most successful several weeks that I had had since school had started and I wanted to keep that momentum going. I feel renewed and have the most energy I’ve had in a very long time. I feel ready to tackle challenges with a whole new mindset. I am slowing down to appreciate more and truly feel joy in the moment and savor it which I hadn’t been doing at all.

I was expecting to get some helpful tools to help with my stress levels, but this was a life changing experience. I learned far more than I had ever experienced from any conference, class, or self help book. Irene is top notch and I can’t wait for my next sessions with her!

Isabel Merritt.jpeg

Isabel Merritt
Change Maker

She supports leaders with strategic visioning, difficult conversations, and collaborative practices. Irene is an outstanding and priceless member of our community because she truly brings out the best in people. Not only is she extremely intelligent and great at teaching, but she can really do the full spectrum. She can make a ten year old love math, and she help a teacher become effective and engaging. Beyond that, Irene is capable of helping anyone identify and realize their greatest dreams and goals, and learn to think scientifically and critically. The joy that she gets in connecting with and teaching others is admirable. So here’s to hoping that this smart neuroscientist, psychologist, and biologist lives a fruitful and long life enabling her to continue doing what she does best: spreading the joy of thinking. 


Corinne Aberg
Teacher Leader

Since beginning Irene's workshop, I have felt more in control of myself and the situations around me.  I have begun to put myself first - working out, eating healthier, making time for the things I enjoy to do, prioritizing things I must do-and it has made all the difference in my outlook and in the amount of things I am able to accomplish for others.  I have more energy!!  The combination of Irene's gentle, kind demeanor, along with learning the science behind everything she teaches, really helps to make it palatable and workable for any lifestyle.


Charles Zartman
University Professor & Program Director

​As a result of her commitment to the goals of this project, Dr. Salter has gone above and beyond in every respect.  She was an active contributor relative to the conceptualization and delivery of the Institute and worked closely with the entire staff to deliver material that proved to be comprehensive and cohesive. The feedback from teacher participants in the first two cohorts has been extremely positive – favorable in every respect. 


Jenn Snider
Library Executive Director

 I really do love our sessions and feel like they're helping me get at and explore some feelings and beliefs I've never quite gotten to with traditional professional workshops and activities. I'm so grateful for your guidance and inquisitiveness. 

Sarah Gasman_edited_edited.jpg

Sarah Gasman
Business Analytics Manager

I really appreciate the thoughtfulness that went in to putting this together. The accommodations, communication, food, activities, women who were present - everything was clearly communicated, smoothly executed, and just a delightful and memorable time all around. You two balance each other out beautifully, with so much to offer! Thank you for putting this together!

Joanne Crosetti.jpg

Joanne Crosetti
Nonprofit Development Director

This retreat created a fun and safe space where we could all be free to be ourselves and learn from each other. The time to be able to reflect was invaluable - and the prompts from Tutti and Irene, as well as their ability to be open and vulnerable, really got to the heart of the matter. I'd encourage any heroine to experience the joy and growth from this retreat.

Amy Toll.jpg

Amy Toll
English Teacher & Literacy Leader

It has been almost 6 months since I started working with Irene and Synergy, and truth be told it was the best decision I have ever made. Not only have I grown as a professional, but I’ve also grown in my personal life as well. Now I know my worth, I feel like could lead an army of teachers to find their own passions. Synergy has been a life-changing experience that I wish I could recommend for every teacher that feels insecure, that feels like they are an imposter, this program is for you!

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Jas Warner
Trauma Specialist

Irene's guidance was the catalyst for me to look at my former circumstances honestly and begin a new, reinvigorated life chapter. Her work supported me to identify what was holding me back so I could set the stage for a career transition, new home, and closer proximity to my long-term goals. The contribution Irene made to my growth during this point in my life is a permanent highlight, and for this, I have gratitude beyond measure. Thank you so much.


Jessica French
Nonprofit Regional Director

Thank you for your years of love, kindness, and support that you've shown our family. Thank you for your guidance during some of the most difficult times of our life. I hope you know that your efforts have literally changed our lives, and surely future generations as well. You've helped us grow and develop in ways we didn't even know possible.


Karen Shuster
Educational Program Director

I have appreciated your consistent willingness to apply your sharp mind and in-depth research skills to create out of the box strategies to solve problems and move things forward. Thank you for making your excellent communication skills, clarity of thinking and understanding of the big picture available to me whenever I needed a listening ear and fresh ideas. Anyone who has you on their team is indeed fortunate!

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Janine Lewis
A True Survivor

Every time I have had questions or obstacles you have been there to help me through them.  You are the most compassionate professional I have ever met. 


David Radford
University Program Director

Thank you so much for your time and utilizing your skill sets in meeting with me. I feel my anxiety being replaced with confidence after our conversations.


Jenn Francis
Charter School Executive Director

We cannot thank you enough for taking the time with our staff yesterday! You have inspired our staff with so many great tools. We really adored your session and cannot thank you enough for working with us. We appreciate your wisdom & kindness.

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