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Learn to give constructive feedback that leaves others feeling MOTIVATED and ENCOURAGED.

Use PROVEN positive psychology and neuroscience strategies to create a growth culture in your organization.

Transform Feedback
with a Shift Positive

Workshop - January 2023

Raise your hand if you love feedback and evaluation? [Anyone? Anyone? Beuler? Beuler?]

That’s a real shame because there is no higher return on investment than cultivating exceptional leadership. To do that, we need managers skilled in delivering heartfelt constructive feedback. We need evaluation systems that grow our people into their best possible selves.

Before I go into the details on this exclusive training, let's see who is this workshop is really for...


You are a leader who WANTS to inspire your people and deliver feedback that builds them up into their best selves.

BUT maybe you...

… tolerate intolerable workplace behavior long after someone (probably you) needed to address it. 

… have post-traumatic stress from your own feedback horror story and thus avoid feedback conversations like the plague.

… wonder why, even after you tell an employee explicitly what needs to change, their behavior stays exactly the same.

… are curious about what science has to say about giving and receiving feedback.

… want to level up your organization’s feedback and evaluation system, but have no idea where to begin.

... want someone to tell you the number one way to improve your leadership and cultivate a growth culture in your organization.

If that sounds like you, then I have GREAT news! You’re in the right place and I’m going to tell you exactly how this workshop on "Transforming Feedback" will give you the tools, support, and confidence to take your feedback to a whole new level, no matter where you are today.

Join PhD neuroscientist,
Irene Salter,
to learn the science behind how to give and receive feedback.

If I asked you to tell me about a feedback experience that really stands out in your memory, what probably comes to mind is a horror story. Take my first formal evaluation as a school principal/superintendent. It was a demoralizing, not actionable, desk drop. “You scored a 4 out of 5 in most areas. We’re renewing your contract but here’s a list of 159 vague, non-specific generalizations about what you’re doing wrong and why you’re not anything like your predecessor. Fix it. Congratulations!”


In contrast, if I asked you to tell me about a favorite teacher, mentor, or coach who really inspired and motivated you to succeed, you’d probably have a very different story to tell. It too is full of feedback, but of a very different nature. Constructive. Safe. Growth-oriented. Solutions-focused. Grounded in trust and compassion.



Both stories are feedback stories. Why does the horror story come to mind first? What’s the difference between the two? Why does only one lead to lasting, positive growth and improvement? Most importantly, how can I shift the feedback experience for me and my team towards the positive? That's what this "Transform Feedback" workshop will break down for you.


(Here's the quick answer... Our brains have a negativity bias baked into our very DNA due to evolution. No matter how many positive things are said, it’s the biting, negative critique that will stick. Yet decades of research shows that focusing on strengths and solutions grows people faster, with longer lasting results, than focusing on failures, challenges, and weaknesses. It's clear from the research that sustained leadership improvement requires ongoing follow up within a network of genuine support.)

Learning Outcomes

Shift your entire system of giving and receiving feedback away from the horror story towards something more positive. In this four hour workshop you’ll gain a clear understanding of 

  1. What psychology and neuroscience have to say about how our brains and bodies receive and integrate feedback.

  2. What most feedback and evaluation processes get wrong, and what to do instead.

  3. At the personal level, how to take a piece of feedback you need to deliver and shift it from horrifying to heartfelt.

  4. At the organizational level, how to take your existing feedback and evaluation system and shift positive along six axes.

  5. How to create a growth culture in which people are allies for each other’s success. 



Reprinted with gratitude to Zeiss Microscopy

Cultured Rat Hippocampal Neuron; AlexaFluor 488-Anti Beta III Tubulin and Cy3-Anti MAP2 (HM-2); 63x/1.4.

Imaged with ZEISS ApoTome.2, Axiocam 702 mono and Axio Imager

Sample courtesy of Stefanie Kaech & Gary Banker, OHSU, Oregon, USA

Creative Commons, Attribution 2.0 license.