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Courses. Group coaching. Retreats. Book club. Quizzes.

Let your adventure begin...

Collective Wisdom Mastermind

Eight visionary leaders. One like-minded team. Support for your biggest challenge or wish.

Leadership can be really lonely... but it doesn't have to be. If you've ever felt like you have to always be brave, positive, responsible and strong to hold up your organization, but there's nobody there to hold you up in return, consider this Mastermind group. Here, in this safe haven, you will be valued, seen, supported, and embraced for the human you are and the gifts you bring to the world. For the next six months you will find:

SUPPORT -- Bring any professional challenge and receive 100+ years of collective wisdom to find your way forward. You don't have to do this alone.

RESOURCES -- Learn the secrets behind navigating risk, uncertainty, change, stress, and conflict. Develop the strategy and the resources you'll need to make your most inspirational professional goals come true.

BALANCE -- Say goodbye to overwhelm and burnout. Create a life where nearly everything, personal and professional, makes you come alive.

CONFIDENCE - Become the leader you were meant to be. Rise into your purpose, values, and voice so that you can inspire your team.

Curious? We start in February, 2023 and meet every other week for 90 minutes. Apply today for a powerful (possibly unforgettable) conversation to discover if Collective Wisdom is right for you. 


Heroine's Journey Leadership Retreat

With Irene Salter & Tutti Taygerly

Each year we hold space for an intimate group of seasoned mid-career professionals who long to slow down and fall in love with their work all over again. It’s an opportunity to make space for creative dreaming, away from the daily stresses of leading our organizations and teams. You will be seen, heard, and valued for the inspired leader and messy human you are, and will emerge with hope, inspiration, and greater clarity about your future.

This woman’s leadership retreat weaves together three strands -- group leadership development, brave adventuring, and deep connection -- into an unforgettable four day, three night experience in stunning Mendocino, California. Kayak through sea caves to discover facets of your leadership. Hike beneath the redwoods to uncover the resources that will support you. And find your vision beneath a canopy of stars. Join us September 29 - October 2, 2023.


Leadership Boot Camp

Some leadership skills aren't taught in admin training programs -- things like how to manage an overwhelming workload, deal with imposter syndrome, sustain productivity, shepherd a team through big changes, and have hard conversations. Figuring out these survival skills on your own can be exhausting and frustrating.

Instead, join Leadership Boot Camp. This online course will equip you with a curated set of research-backed, best of the best strategies to develop the leadership skills you need right now.

Inquiring Minds Book Club

If you are an open-hearted adventurer looking for a warm, safe tavern on a long, drizzly, lonely road, then join the Inquiring Minds Book Club!

WHY: To build a trusted circle of curious, brave-hearted souls who might enjoy the feel of a buzzing tavern or cafe full of fascinating stories and ideas.

WHO: Mid-career professionals who love to read books on leadership, personal growth, and science. (Psst... We're all busy. To read or not to read the book is up to you. No judgement.)

WHEN: Usually the last Thursday of every month, 4-5 pm Pacific Time (but times may shift due to travel or holidays). You are not expected to show up every month, but I hope it quickly becomes the one Zoom meeting you would be devastated to miss.

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